LIVE BLOG: Police confirm two dead, one injured in shooting incident at Huntsville IHOP  WHNT News 19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville Police confirm that there was a shooting at the IHOP on Memorial Parkway at Drake Avenue Wednesday night. Authorities ...

Suspect charged with shooting at police during high-speed chase in south Huntsville  WAFF

Huntsville police have arrested one person for reportedly firing at officers during a pursuit on Memorial Parkway.

Huntsville CEO embezzled $10 million, bought BMWs, Porsches, lawsuit says

A former Huntsville CEO, who was arrested on a felony theft charge this week, is accused of embezzling more than $10.2 million from a local tech company, ...

FOX NEWS FIRST: Pelosi slammed for attempted shutdown of Trump State of Union; top Dem breaks ranks on wall  Fox News

Plus, new details about the DOJ's knowledge of the Trump dossier - and its ties to Mueller's team.

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Trump Goes MIA in Effort to Win Dems Over in Shutdown Fight  The Daily Beast

The president sold himself as a great deal-maker. But hardly any Democrat from a district he won has heard from him in weeks.

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Don Lemon Says Giuliani's CNN 'Performance' Is Proof He's Up To Something  HuffPost

While Rudy Giuliani may have “out-Giulianied” himself Wednesday during a heated segment with Chris Cuomo, CNN's Don Lemon has warned that there's ...

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